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  On November 10, 2017 the 4 machines PT-4 have successfully undergone testing and acceptance by the buyer. Soon they will be packed and sent to “Bogoslovskoye RU” (UGMK-Holding). The car is applied for loading and mechanical transportation of ores and mined material to the place o
  On October 18 the president of Rudgormash company granted the certificates of honour issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. -In Ruthenia the spoon was dear when the lunchtime was near. But nevertheless , I am pleased to grant these certificates of honour to
On September 22 the members of Rudgormash team gathered in the factory event hall for a celebration of their professional holiday. In this festive atmosphere they honoured the best, summerized what has been done already and what is still to be done. This special event started with an image video ab




The NEW CABIN of SBSH-250 machine room presented by RUDGORMASH gets positive reviews from our customers.

 Based on the clients requests our design office of the drilling machinery has presented a new improved cabin of the drilling rig SBSH-250 machine room.

The comfort and convenience can be experienced by the operator once he comes in.




You must have heard it many times how hard it is to spend the whole work shift inside a drilling machine operating in severe conditions of an open-pit quarry, especially in a cold winter season. You also take into consideration the fact that the total productivity of a drill greatly depends on the comfort and working conditions of its operator.

Upon customers’ requests in order to provide topmost comfortable conditions for your employees the engineers of RUDGORMASH provided modernization of the SBSH-250 cabin.

The cabin has all the main control equipment installed, provides comfort for its operator and securely protects the equipment from atmospheric condensation and dust. We managed to improve the cabin to all intents and purposes and here is what we have to offer.

Hermetical and sound- and heatproof cabin walls

due to the sandwich-panels insulation and triple glazing.

Control-chair that used to be supplied upon customers’ request now is part of standard control mechanism on our drilling rigs.

Operator-friendly micro-climate achived  by using a heating device (12kW)
with the boost-air charging from the outside through a filter
and an air conditioner CC4E (Webasto, Germany) on the top.

Reduced unnecessary fluctuations the cabin due to the shock-absorbing mounting.

LED-based lighting of the cabin.


vhod  kresno-pult monitor upravlenie


Our drilling rigs with the upgraded cabins already successfully operate in quarries and our customers are fully satisfied with such new developments.

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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