March 25, 2023

Heavy drilling rig SBSH-250MNA-32KP of the frame-platform type with the reinforced structure and new engineering improvements.





Last month we supplied to our customer a heavy drill of the frame-platform type and would like to say a few words about this machine. The drilling rigs of this model have a reinforced structure of the main frame. This feature makes SBSH-250MNA-32KP one of the most reliable machines working in severe mining and geological conditions.

The drills of this model are highly demanded among iron ore quarries of Russia, where they show themselves in the best light.


The following engineering improvements have been realized in SBSH-250MNA-32KP:

  • the back part of the drill bears a cable drum with the automatic cable winding system. The drum is attached to a separate drive with an integrated brake system. When the drill stops moving, the cable drum stops spinning;
  • the mast fixation mechanism has been installed in the back part of the machine;
  • the leveling jacks has been moved to the structure sides to provide easy dismounting of the crawler track during rapair works;
  • the crawler mounting part has been equipped with the extra fixing brackets to support the track wheels. This prolongs the life cycle of the whole crawler mounting unit;
  • a hydraulic winch has been installed in the front part of the drill for easy upheaval of the rods aboard the machine.


To discuss the possibility to install the above mentioned options in the construction of your personal drilling rig please address our managers on the phone: +7 (473) 244-72-89 or by e-mail: