March 25, 2023

Improvements made in self-propelled VS-30 mine car.



izobrazhenie-024   izobrazhenie-028



A set of VS-30 mine cars has been send to the customer for further operation in potash underground mines. The machines’s construction has undergone serious changes in the electric and brake systems. Now we can offer our clients an opportunity to purchase a mine car of the increased lifting capacity (up to 30 tons) equipped with a softstarter and wet brakes.


The soft starter device provides gradual braking, the smoothness of movement and motion start. It allows to keep the machine aslope as well as to regulate the mine car speed by pushing its pedals.


The open drum type brakes, used as parking and emergency, were replaced by the brakes in the oil bath. This decision allowed to prevent moisture and dust from the outside to penetrate inside the brake system components.  The new brakes are realized as a closed structure with the cooling oil circulating through the cooling tank and all the components of the brake system.