March 25, 2023

Rudgormash upgrades Severstal drilling rig

A new SBSH drilling rig manufactured at Rudgormash started its work at Karelsky Okatysh (Severstal).


Rudgormash specialists made a number of improvements to the equipment structure and design according to the customer's wishes. For example, the rear jacks are installed at the side of the machine. It has bocome more convenient to change the travel reducers when necessary. This shortens the SBSH repair time and increases the coefficient of technical readiness.


In addition, the cable drum of the machine was raised a little higher. This option helped to get away from some problems when drilling, in particular when positioning the drill on the hole.


Some modifications were made in cabin design as well: double-glazed windows were installed instead of single glassess, the control panel was moved to the driver's chair. This model of SBSH will operate at Zapadnyi quarry.