March 25, 2023

Inspection of mine cars 10VS15. New features in action.


EuroChem, one of the largest manufacturers of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers, has sent its specialists to Rudgormash to inspect the newly manufactured mine cars 10VS15.




Upon customer's request, the model 10VS15 was modernized. In addition to the soft starter and multi-disc parking brakes, the client was presented with such function as dynamic braking. This type of breaking is used to smoothly stop the engine. When downshifting or releasing the gas pedal, the car slows down and gradually stops, the breaking intensity can be adjusted. Also from a safety point of view dynamic braking is more acceptable than a counter-switch, which puts the motor in a short circuit mode. This negatively effects the power line and the motor itself. In addition, the breaking torque exceeds the maximum engine torque and consequently the braking happens abruptly and unsafe for the driver.




In the future our design bureau plans to continue its close work with the customers, helping them to improve and automate their production process, because as practice shows the tandem of the client and the manufacturer ultimately gives an excellent result.