March 25, 2023

The work is humming...

Working  in a dense mode. All production departments of Rudgormash are busy manufacturing customer’s orders. Here is the mast of the rotary drilling rig SBSH-250MNA-32 with serial number 1626, located on the railway platform; boxes with its spare parts are waiting for its turn to be loaded. The next  goes SBSH No. 1627 for the Belarusian company RUPP Granit, which is successfully developing the Mikashevichi stone deposit. After the workshop tests, under the sharp eye of a service crew member, it moved to be painted. The friendly ladies of the paint department take good care of almost every detail that passes through their caring hands. Large metal structures require special attention.


img_0702     img_0700


The concentrating equipment department is also on the alert. A large export order is being manufactured: 62 items of vibrating feeders of PV-PBR-1.2/3.0 for the concentrating plant of an extensive gold-bearing deposit. The advantage of our feeders is that the capacity from zero to maximum can be controlled from a remote control using a frequency converter without stopping the production line of the enterprise.




Last week, a PBM-90/60 compact drum magnetic drum separator was sent on a long journey to its final point of destination. It will work at a diamonds producing factory in Angola, the beautiful country of unique natural contrasts.