March 25, 2023

A feedback from our partners.

Our anniversary year continues, and we receive another, but no less valuable congratulations on our 80th birthday from our customers and colleagues. Stoilensky, Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky GOKs are our long-standing and constant partners in drilling equipment.



Here are a few kind words from Sergey Bulgakov, a mechanic for the maintenance and repair of the drilling equipment of Stoilensky GOK:

“Thanks to modernization, the installation of modern equipment, the plant managed to establish the production of import-substituting equipment. And most importantly Rudgormash continues to improve its products. Therefore, we are interested in our cooperation. When there is a need to improve something during operation, the Rudgormash design engineer always meets us and often offers effective solutions. Such partnership certainly has good prospects. "



And here is how Alexander Filippov, deputy head of the Mikhailovsky GOK drilling and blasting department, the chief mechanic, considers our cooperation: “We had a productive dialogue with both the previous management team and the current young managers. In each new drilling rig that Rudgormash supplies to our GOK , there are improvements. It’s interesting to work with this partner. Our requests to make constructive changes to this or that unit are always perceived as a technical task and stimuli to action"


They know us and trust us, but the main thing for us is to do everything in our power  in order not to lose this trust.


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