March 25, 2023

Starting a New Year with renewed vigour.



On the last days of the departing year the working process does not stop here at Rudgormash production premisses. We are hurrying to meet the New Year with maximum result, so that we had something to remember when the clock strikes 12. We are doing this for you, our dear customers, and we wish you and your company a profitable and continous development on the way to your ambitious goals.

Here is a quick photo report from our production departments.


  • That is a curious model of the three-deck vibrating screen GIT-700K at the department of the concentrating equipment. The screen has been designed with the view of the personal preferences of the customer. It will work as part of the crushed-stone cleaning system. Five items of this type of screen have already been supplied to its customer in November-December this year.




  • These are PBM-PP-150/300 separators with a half counter flow bath. This type of separator differs from other models in our wide product range due to its high level of magnetic induction on the drum surface (0,31Tl) and its ability to process large bulk material (up to 8mm).




  • This is SBSH-250MNA-32 drilling rig with its serial number 1641 starting its 6000km long journey home. Wishing it bon voyage!




  • In-house testing of the rotary drilling rig. Tough equipment can do wonders in good men's hands!