March 25, 2023

JSC Dolomit. Meeting No1. ON-SITE technical conference.


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This spring and summer Rudgormash plans to realise a number of on-site technical visits called Rudgormash Rally to the mining and processing plants of Lipetsk, Voronezh, Belgorod and Kursk regions under a slogan “We belong together” (#).



The first start was successful! On April 20 our top technical experts headed by Tatiana A. Drozhzhina, the Sales Director, visited JSC Dolomit (NLMK Group), Dankov city.



Our experts held the technical conference, during which the service engineers of Dolomit company had an opportunity to closely communicate with the service team of Rudgormash and to ask their questions directly to design engineers and leading specialists of the manufacturing plant.


The dialogue which was mainly of the drilling rigs turned to be productive. Rudgormash team listened to all the problems they other party mentioned and had a chance to offer their best solution. We informed our clients of the novelties made in the equipment we produce, introduced the new projects and showed the differences between the contemporary and the 10 -year -old models of the drilling rigs.


It was nice to hear a positive feedback about our drilling rigs operating in the pit. The specialists of drilling and blasting department indicated the good quality of our equipment, durability, metal ruggedness and the enlarged power margin of the machine basic units and parts.



The Dolomit experts has set a number of challenges for our team to overcome, some of the ideas are already being worked on. All new developments are patented.


We understand that the demands and technologies can differ from customer to customer, therefore we design and produce almost all our equipment under an individual technical order for a client to have a perfect instrument in his work.


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