March 25, 2023

PBM-P-90/250A separators with the increased magnetic induction made under a clients technical order.


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Ahead of schedule today two magnetic separators PBM-P-90/250A have been discharged for the iron ore processing plant.



Separators were manufactured according to the technical order of the client and are notable for its increased induction (0,24Tsl). The separators are used for concentration of feebly magnetic ores.


The construction of these separators enables the magnetic system location to be changed providing a perfect operating mode.


The distinctive feature of these separators is their improved reliability and simplicity of operation and maintenance.



The separator drums have an outer drive –Bonfiglioli motor reducer, which provides a flawless performance during the whole working cycle between capital repairs.



All rims and end covers of the drums, as well as feed boxes, bathes, discharge chutes, receivers, feeding pipes and tail outlets are covered with anti wear polyurethane coating prolonging the life time of the product up to 18000 hours.